My Hero Academia Backpack

Backpacks are essential to carry your school books, gear and goods which is why the My Hero Academia Store decided to launch the brand new backpack collection featuring each MHA character’s theme for the fans to buy and collect.

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Cool looking MHA Backpacks to bring with you at school

My Hero Academia Backpacks feature cool looking simple designs refering to each character’s hero costume theme. They are very practical to store your gear and pack up your school books while displaying some fresh anime visuals on your back. The best selling products of this collection are easily in the following order : Deku’s Backpack, Todoroki Backpack and in the third spot we have the Bakugou Backpack!

How to choose my My Hero Academia Backpack?

The choice is yours to make, and it’s a rather hard one, we know the feeling.. But there are questions you can ask yourself to help : who is your favorite character? What is your favorite color? Are you more on the villain side or the heroic side? Answering these simple question should help you decide whether you prefer Deku’s backpack or maybe UA’s highschool backpack!