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My Hero Academia 11 Mind-Blowing Facts About Eijiro

My hero academia has an amazing character roster in the world of shounen and Kirishima is undoubtedly one of the strong characters in the anime of heroes. The hero has its ups and downs but there is no denying that fans love Eijiro Kirishima.

1. Meaning of His Name

Kirishima is a hot-fired guy with red sharp hair. Not only his hair is spiked and has rough edges but his teeth are also knife like. His appearance and attire perfectly suits the name Eijiro Kirishima which literally translates to “to cut” and “sharp”.

2. The Durable Body Of Our Hero

Even though Kirishima’s quirk, Hardening, is used to make his body withstand heavy blows in a fight, it turns out that his body is naturally defensive without the need of a quirk. Bakugo once stated that Kirishima withstood his attacks in the U.A sports festival without using quirk which proves that Kirishima can endure few attacks without using Hardening.

3. Relationship With Bakugo

Many think that these two characters love each other as they have had very positive interactions but that is not the case because MHA is a shounen anime. Bakugo is shown to be warm towards Kirishima in contrast to his usual cold behaviour towards the rest of the characters. Moreover, Eijiro admires Bakugo and calls him by his real name. Similarly, he likes tough guys and coincidentally, Bakugo is a tough person which shows why these two heroes get along so well.

4. He Dislikes Hardening

Despite having an immensely powerful and defensive quirk, Kirishima is not fond of it. He wanted to become a hero with a visually stimulating or ‘flashy’ quirk just like Shoto Todoroki who can emit chilly ice as well as blazing hot fire. He is shown multiple times despising his own power because he cannot discharge any element such as water etc.

5. Manliness

Many of the MHA characters have their stats on a book called Ultra Analysis where almost all of the characters have an unique stat and other basic stats like power, speed etc. In Ultra Analysis, Kirishima’s unique stat is called Manliness. This stat is graded ‘S’ which is the best grade possible and was most likely awarded on his intimidating looks and his ability to bounce back as well as his love of manliness.

6. Eijiro Kirishima Dark Past

Few of the students have had a bit of an unusual past. During middle school, he doubted his quirk abilities because the top heroes have had flashy quirks while he was stuck with a quirk which was more of a defensive type rather than offensive. He also had natural black hair during that period and then dyed them to red which indicates that he changed for better.

7. The Change

Dark past led to Kirishima having low self esteem and self doubt which further resulted into self defeat. He did not have courage and spirit to tackle the hero world that he desired. However, everything changed after a small interview which featured his idol, Crimson Riot, thus Kirishima set on his path once again with everlasting hope. Had Kirishima not watched it, he would never be the Kirishima we know today.

8. Eijiro Has a Clone

While some heroes have similar quirks and share few similarities, Kirishima has someone who is almost his own copy. Kirishima and Tetsutetsu share a lot of common things. Both of them have almost the same quirk which technically hardens their skin and are defensive. The birthdays are also the same that is October 16 and as a result, they are of the same age. Both of the characters have hair with rough edges and sharp teeth which makes them a twin.

9. Eijiro’s Scar

He got the scar at the age of 3 when he rubbed his right eye and at the same moment, his quirk activated thus leaving a scar. This is one of the animations which the animators frequently forget to draw. Kirishima has a small scar slightly above his right eye. Unfortunately, the scar is a small part so it is easily missed during the animation process.

10. Hardening Quirk of Red Riot

Kirishima is probably the only hero whose quirk improves without the user actually training. This is proved by Tetsutetsu who stated that hardening becomes more durable and stronger with every single hit Kirishima receives in hardening mode.

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