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10 Powerful Facts About Eri

Eri is a very interesting character who has the saddest childhood in the My Hero Academia series. This girl has been through so much at just the tender age of six and thinking about her life can be quite saddening. Eri is the cutest girl who is loved by a lot of fans for her strong will and childish sense of justice.

This girl deserves to be protected at all cost! Today, I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 most amazing Eri facts for you.

10- Eri has the most dangerous Quirk

Eri has a very powerful quirk which can be quite destructive. This quirk called rewind is literally able to rewind time! In the wrong hands, this quirk is capable of changing the fate of humanity itself.

9- Disowned by her mother

We all know how sad Eri’s life has been because of her extraordinary quirk. This quirk even resulted in Eri’s mother abandoning her only daughter.

8- Overhaul is her uncle

In a way, the villain who abused Eri for power is her own uncle, Kai Chisaki. Eri is the granddaughter of the leader of the Yakuza Organization. Overhaul also acted like he was her father to keep her under control.

7- Eri’s blood can be used by others

Eri’s quirk can either be activated by her own will or it can be done using her blood as well. Eri’s blood carries the power of her quirk. We see how the villains extract her blood and use it to make special bullets capable of erasing anyone’s quirk.

6- The hardest life

This fact isn’t really a big surprise for any of us. Sure, Shoto Todoroki had a hard life too, but nothing really comes close to what Eri has been through. The little girl accidentally killed her own father and got abandoned by her mother. After getting abandoned, a villain called overhaul abused her power and traumatized his granddaughter.

5- Eraser Head is the guardian of Eri

Eraser Head is the guardian of Eri as he is the only one who has the power to erase anyone else’s quirk. Since Eri has a very hard time controlling her amazing powers, both of them are a perfect match for each other.

4- Eri’s quirk is an ace for the heroes

I just said that Eri’s quirk is very dangerous but at the same time, it is also the biggest ace on the heroes’ side. This quirk can literally reverse time! Which means that Eri can use her quirk on anyone to heal them instantly.

3- Eri’s horn is related to her quirk

Eri’s cute little horn is one of her discerning features. This horn is actually directly linked to her powers as it gets larger whenever Eri’s powers go out of control. A smaller horn means that there is nothing to worry about.

2- Eri is very strong

We already talked about how Eri is one of the strongest heroes because of her amazing quirk. But her quirk is not the only thing that makes her strong. This little girl has a very strong will which is almost unbreakable! Eri got tortured by Overhaul for so many years but she survived all of that without getting scarred for life.

1- Eri didn’t even know how to smile

Eri got tortured so much at just the age of 6, that she didn’t even know how to smile. Having spent her life in a prison, the poor girl didn’t even know what the word fun was. Thankfully, after she is saved, Izuku and Mirio are finally able to make her smile.

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