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10 Mind-Blowing Facts About Enji Todoroki

Known as the fearsome hero Endeavor, who held the #2 spot in the JP Hero Billboards Ranking list for over 2 decades, Enjiro Todoroki is bound to have a vast fanbase of his own. At 46 years old, Enji Todoroki has never been less ferocious in his life. His personality is ferocious, his methods precise and brutal. Tall, built like a tank and with the famous mane of crimson fire almost always surrounding his face and eyes, he’s a figure to be reckoned with. Despite the controversial opinion of the public, no one really seems to know his personal life. Fraught with personal problems and being unable to maintain a steady bond with his son, Shoto Todoroki, Endeavor pushes on with a brave face to reach the summit, which he considers the True #1 position, The Symbol of Peace.

1. Endeavor’s Controversial and Wavering Popularity


Although he’s known to be fierce and monumental in upholding law and order for the citizens of Japan, there’s very little disagreement about the hero’s short fuse. This is the cost Endeavor has to pay for his reliance on intimidation. Regardless, his ratings never seem to plummet as he ultimately does more than just get the job done. All while inspiring a whole new generation of heroes.

2. Hellflame, Endeavor’s Double Edged Sword


Endeavor’s Quirk allows for an insane amount of destruction. He can also directly capture his enemies, using techniques he has perfected over the years. Not only this, but Hellflame also makes him resistant to nearly all other kinds of fire. Unfortunately, all of this comes at a massive cost. Unlike his son Shoto Todoroki, Enji does not have a cooling Quirk. Due to the nature of his quirk raising his own internal temperature as well, it can get immensely dangerous for his own body. Clearly he has undergone severe training to control his power with such efficiency!

3. His Face Without the Fiery Mane


At first glance, it would seem like Endeavor prefers having facial hair due to always sporting the flame-beard and mustache. However, as it turns out, on the rare occasions that he does turn his crimson flaming mane off, he only has a light stubble. Other times, he’s also seen clean shaven. Unexpectedly classy for someone with his reputation.

4. His Costume Change


Before All Might’s Retirement, Endeavor’s Hero Costume was sturdy, with lines of flames running all the way down his suit to create a stylized pattern. His boots were also made out of fire, along with small, white shoulder pads. He had white bracers and he wore a blue belt. This costume, although retaining similar colours, has undergone a significant upgrade after All Might’s Retirement. His lines are now replaced with larger, bolder patterns running across the suit. The shoulder pads are now much larger. All of this, to signify his jump to the #1 rank.

5. His Jump to the #1 Rank


Endeavor has wanted to become the #1 Hero for as long as he can remember. However, he was enraged to discover his rank had been bumped up to #1 due to a technical formality after All Might’s Retirement. This essentially meant he was never able to catch up to All Might’s position, and going forward, he will never be able to.

6. Endeavor’s Secret


The now #1 Flame Hero Endeavor might be a symbol of true justice for many, undaunted and flawless, but his family life tells a different tale entirely. All of his children, including Shoto Todoroki and his wife, Rei, have been terrorized by Endeavor’s relentless pursuit of his dreams and ambitions. This has caused immense destruction of the bonds they were supposed to share. This is completely hidden from the public view.

7. The State of His Family


Much like Midas’ story where King Midas changes to gold everything that he touches and is left with nothing; Endeavor’s relentless ambition has caused him to destroy his family from the inside. Those who could not contribute towards him fulfilling his dreams were deemed ‘failures’, this includes his children- apart from Shoto Todoroki. Shoto had to face the brunt of his father’s unforgiving nature, as he was always pushed to be the #1 hero by him. Enji’s wife Rei was traumatized by his abusive nature, which led to her hurting Shoto. Eventually she had to be kept away in an institution.

8. His Fiery Path to Redemption


Upon having a discussion with the former #1 hero, All Might, Endeavor reached a remorseful conclusion. He realized the severity of his actions. There was no other way for him to grow, as a human being, other than to fix his mistakes. In order to achieve the title of Symbol of Peace, Enji Todoroki had to first handle the disorder in his life. Since then, he visits Rei often, and has made efforts to reconnect with his children, Shoto included. His path won’t undo his mistakes, but it could certainly make things better for both himself and those who went through his abuse.

9. Endeavor Uses Different Temperatures for Different Enemies


The Flame Hero seems to take into consideration the threat level of his enemies when he fights them. He is able to control his Quirk’s temperature, and thus attacks weaker enemies with a lower temperature. He is able to raise his temperature for stronger foes, but this comes at a heavy toll on his own body.

10. Endeavor Never Gives Up


Much like other pro heroes, Endeavor has never faltered even in the face of the gravest danger. However, what makes him more impressive; is his reluctance to give up even in the aspects of his personal life. His persistence knows no bounds, and he certainly wants to prove himself worthy to not just the world; but also his family.

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