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10 Interesting Facts About Fumikage Tokoyami

One of the most beloved characters from My Hero Academia, Fumikage Tokoyami prefers to be left out of the spotlight- or any light. Despite his reluctance to do so, he has quickly garnered many fans across the world! Likened to the iconic superhero Batman thanks to his demeanor and Quirk both, Fumikage has us all gushing over his silent, brooding and yet composed personality. Pivotal in multiple arcs, Fumikage has played a huge role in pushing forward the story of other primary protagonists, primarily Midoriya Uzuku and Katsuki Bakugo. In a world where most heroes are quick to act before thinking, his calm and contemplative approach is always appreciated. 

1. He Got Muscular During his Training with Hawkes!

It seems like our bird-headed hero has put on more muscle ever since his training with Hawkes. This will likely affect his physical test scores. Prior to the training, his scores were around 3/5 for Speed. 2/5 for Physical Strength. It seems Hawkes really pushed Fumikage to the maximum during his internship. Look out for the difference as he pulls his cloak off post-Internship arc!

2. The Story behind his Hero Name, Jet Black: Tsukuyomi

Fumikage’s hero name; Tsukuyomi, is a reference to the moon deity in Japan. Not only are they thematically the same, as they both share their love of the dark, but Fumikage also takes after the Moon God’s personality in some ways. Tsukuyomi is known to be unbothered, serene, and as someone who carries out his sense of justice swiftly and maintains order. There’s very little compromise in technique by them both. Sharing so many similarities with a legend is hardly a coincidence.

 3.  His Perfect Teamwork Scores.

Despite his difficult Quirk and his quiet, reserved personality, Fumikage has some of the highest teamwork and cooperation ability across Class 1-A. Specifically 5/5!  What he lacks in raw power and speed, he makes up for with his high technique and teamwork scores. This becomes very apparent during the Battle Trial Arc where he works together with Midoriya, Ochaku and Mei. He leaves the decision making to Midoriya without hesitation. There’s no doubt about it, The Jet Black Hero’s passion for saving lives goes beyond! Plus Ultra!

4. Dark Shadow’s True Potential

As Fumikage himself puts it, his Quirk requires darkness to manifest; and light quickly saps its energy. Once completely drained, Dark Shadow is essentially rendered useless in combat scenarios. However, during the absence of light, it can increase its strength and size immensely. During the training camp, the League of Villains ambushed the students. Fumikage’s Dark Shadow played a pivotal role in the battle inside the pitch black forest. Todoroki Shoto marvels at the insane brute strength of Dark Shadow’s massive form.

5. Second Shortest Male Classmate

Out of all the boys, Fumikage comes second only to Mineta in terms of height. Reaching a cool 158cm at the age of 16, he is slightly shorter than Midoriya Izuku. This likely goes well with his desire to avoid the spotlight. He seems to prefer going unnoticed.

6. Fumikage Loves Apples

If you’re wondering what the fearsome Dark Shadow wielding stoic hero eats, then wonder no more- his favourite fruit is apples! There are a few speculations as to why Fumikage is linked to apples, some interpret it as a biblical reference due to the fact that he has crosses hung in his room. Whatever the case, it seems our Jet Black hero prefers to keep his doctors, or in this case, Recovery Girl, away.

7. His Cape Isn’t Just for Show

Fumikage’s cape might seem like a piece of cool attire he wears for the sake of adding to his personality, however as it turns out, it also serves an extremely important function. His Quirk Dark Shadow, as it was explained earlier, needs to be in the dark to materialize. By covering Dark Shadow within the cape, Fumikage is able to charge it up. This is important as it rapidly loses its energy when exposed to light. According to the author, a weakened Dark Shadow is worse than a cockroach!

8. Fumikage’s Popularity Difference in Japan and the US

Fumikage seems to have a wavering public opinion as far as popularity polls are concerned. In Japan, he has  placed 7th, 15th, 13th, 19th and 24th in all the popularity polls so far. However, in the US; he hadn’t dropped down from the top 10 for at least 3 consecutive polls, with the later arcs and seasons being focused on newer characters such as Lemillion, it seems as though he hasn’t been featured in the top 10 again. Still, the drastic difference in ranking even for the first few polls says quite a bit about how fans from different regions see the same characters.

9. His Choker

Fumikage has a thin, red choker that he rarely ever takes off. The reason behind this is his admiration for his favourite pro-hero, Dark Crystal. He seems to wear it as a tribute to the pro-hero. Although he has a bird head, his torso, limbs etc are completely human. Thanks to the choker however, it is unclear how exactly they are connected.

10. His Head Has Hair, Not Feathers!

A shocking fact to many, Fumikage does not have feathers on his head, despite being shaped like a bird. Instead, he has normal human hair. Not only this, his beak isn’t much of an issue for food consumption either, as he actually has regular human teeth underneath to help him eat food normally.

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