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10 facts on Mina Ashido

Mina Ashido My Hero Academia My Hero Academia has a huge amount of characters to remember and follow. The second A alone is huge and full of surprisingly interesting and complex characters. Not all of them have had a chance to shine yet. But we hope to have a chance to see more of each […]

Top 10 facts on mount lady

Mount Lady My Hero Academia My Hero Academia has tons of heroes of all shapes and sizes. However, there aren’t many heroes who grow up in the world of My Hero Academia quite like Yu Takeyama AKA Mount Lady. It’s a unique trait that Mount Lady has, but her personality is also what makes her […]

Top 10 facts on Shoji

Shoji My Hero Academia: 10 things that don’t make sense The hit shonen series My Hero Academia features Izuku Midoriya, the boy who inherited One For All, and his quest to become the new symbol of peace after All Might. But he is not the only one who aspires to become a great hero. Izuku […]

Izuku Midoriya

Everything you need to know about Izuku Midoriya

Among the Japanese mangas that have become popular worldwide, My Hero Academia is undoubtedly one of the most successful. Telling the story of a world where almost 80% of the population is born with a power (Alter), the most vulnerable (those without an Alter) are left out: with the exception of Izuku Midoriya. For those […]

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